The Significance of Genes

Did you know genes determine your genetic makeup and make the person you are today? Genes are unique in many different ways because there are different types of DNA which you get from both your parents, which makes you a completely different person from anyone else but it could also cause many problems. It gives you a different eye color, skin color, type of hair and other unique characteristics. Sometimes, even your personality is determined by this. Humans have approximately 30,000 genes making up the human genome. Since there are so many different genes given to the fetus, this causes the diversity among the many off springs.

The first person to form the hypothesis of a gene was Gregor Mendel. He found out that it is a unit of hereditary which is passed down from generation to generation. DNA combines with another DNA to form a DNA helix which is considered a gene. They hold very important information which can be very deadly if a mutation occurs. This can lead to many different diseases and cancer. So this is why many couples get tested before deciding if a baby is the right option or not. The doctors test their genes to see if there are any mutations in the mom and dad, which can possibly be passed down to the child.

Mutations happen quite often and then they are passed onto babies, which are born with many complications. The problem usually occurs during cell division. It is when the DNA is synthesized and by accident a different base comes into the gene. These are called harmful mutations, which inherited in two ways by a dominant or recessive gene. Dominant is when the person gets one defective gene which is dominant. However in recessive, you need to inherit both the genes from the parents to get the disease/mutation. Some common diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol can all occur due to the ancestors genes combined with environment. This means, yes you could have that gene which could cause you to have diabetes but you could prevent it if you change your lifestyle.

This is also how the theory of Darwinism was formulated. It stated that with the mutation, it changes the organism to adapt to their environment better. Also, the mitochondrial gene is usually passed down from mothers so it is easier to find a direct line to the past. This helps in finding distant ancestors. Today, this is very important to society because we can make change as soon as possible to help people. We can research and make more advances in the studies of genes and find a way to treat it. Also, we can find a medicine or treatment for parents who want a child but cannot because of a mutation in their gene. We can find a way to prevent the parents from passing on that mutation to their child. These advances will keep many families happy and keep them away from trouble.


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