Blog Carnival: Don’t Feed the Animals

I have always found animals to be fascinating and from a young age I cared for them deeply. I used to go to zoos all the time and still do as often as I can, but what upsets me the most was that I couldn’t feed them. I wanted to be a helpful part of their lives but after researching animals and their lifestyles I have come to realize why leaving food out is more harmful than helpful.

This article focuses on the negative effects of leaving food out. It can make the animals become dependent on humans. It can also “make them lose the ability to survive in the wild”.  We all want to help out but it can have bad endings.

This article gets more specific about the animals reaction. They can become dependent on humans, just as it said in the other article, but they can also become aggressive if a human doesn’t have food to give it. It also says “when you feed native animals you’re giving them the wildlife equivalent of junk food”. I don’t know about you but I would want the animals that I am helping to be healthy, not sluggish and unable to survive in the wild.

This is just another back up to the already stated information in the other articles but at the bottom it gives great tips on how to have a bird feeder that can help, if done correctly.

This article was the one that really drove it home for me. It focuses on how disease is spread in birds and how home feeders are contributing. Bacteria can be spread through close contact with other birds. If birds are given food that is not part of their natural diet, they can become infected with other diseases because of their depressed immune system.

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