Unit 1 Exam – Block Day, September 18th

Our first unit exam will take place in class on the Block Day this week.

The Unit 1 Guided Reading Questions, our Class Notes, the Macromolecule Worksheet, the Enzyme Activity Lab, the questions from the in-class review game, and review videos are highly recommended study materials. In addition, the Campbell Biology textbook website provides a plethora of study materials for you to review.

In addition, the three online quizzes that you took during this unit will be helpful for you to review. You can access review versions of those quizzes through Canvas using the links below:

The 30 multiple choice questions will be taken on student laptops using the Lock-Down Browser on Canvas. The written part of the exam includes 3 free response questions and will be administered on paper.

If you have any questions about the exam, please leave a comment.

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