KSU Lectures in Veterinary Medicine


K-State Olathe hosts lectures in Veterinary Medicine every other Wednesday at their campus. Students who are interested in animals or medicine would enjoy learning more about the broad variety of topics. The focus is on “Careers and Cases” of each topic. The lectures are intended to be engaging and informative, yet not over the students’ heads.

To make it convenient for Blue Valley students, CAPS is a remote hosting site. If you are interested, the lectures begin promptly at 3:30 in the CAPS Room 333 and last for exactly 1 hour. Students can participate in the lecture, just as they would if they were in the audience at the K-State Olathe Innovation campus. You will even have the opportunity to ask the speaker questions at the conclusion of the presentation.

The topics are fantastic! More information can be found on this website.

If you attend one of these lectures, take notes and have them signed by the facilitator. Your signed notes will count for 50 points extra credit in the “Class Work” category. This represents another option for those who cannot attend the Saturday STEM Seminars.

For the lectures being hosted remotely at CAPS, students do not need to let anyone know they are coming – just show up! If you plan to attend the lectures at the KSU-OLATHE campus, you must register before you attend.

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