Bio-Blogging Sign Ups Now Closed

As discussed today in class, all AP Biology students will be completing the Bio-Blogging Assignment this semester. Two students per class per week will provide their biologically-related insights to help the rest of us to build up our #biostreetcred.

After Friday, August 23rd, any students not signed up will be inserted into the schedule by Mr. Mohn. BioBlogging sign-ups are now closed. Check with Mr. Mohn to see which date you have been assigned.

You can now sign up for the available bio-blogging slots using the appropriate links below:

Important things to remember:

  1. Always include the URLs for the source materials you used in writing your post. Ideally, you should create appropriate hyperlinks within the text of your blog post that link to the sources when material from that source is specifically referenced. For instance, I was recently fascinated to find out that some hippos are carnivorous.
  2. You are encouraged to use images and other multimedia (e.g., videos) to supplement the text within your post. You must be sure, however, that the material is cleared from copyright restrictions and allowed for educational use. If your requested images are not cleared for educational use, they will not be posted on the blog without the specific permission of the copyright owner for that image. It is strongly suggested that you should use Wikimedia Commons for your images. Most videos on YouTube fall into the “free for educational use” category.

If you have any questions about the sign-up process, please use the comment section below.

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