Announcing the Blue Valley BioClub


The inaugural meeting of the Blue Valley BioClub will be an informational meeting for students to find out about a number of distinct biologically related events that they can participate in. The meeting information is:

Where: CAPS, 7501 West 149th Terrace, main atrium

When: Wednesday, August 28, 6:30-8:00 pm

Who: All BVNW students, Freshmen through Seniors, are welcome to attend

To give you a better idea of what students can do through the club:

  • Students can be part of our iGEM Team which is a team of students that use synthetic biology techniques to engineer bacteria to solve a problem. This year the BioClub will be continuing a project from last year in which students are transforming cyanobacteria with a couple of different pyruvate kinase genes from rabbit muscle and yeast (along with a mentor at KU Med Ctr) to see how the addition of these genes may positively influence the metabolic production of a variety of biofuels. This experience will be year-long and actual finish up in June when students will travel and participate in the 4th high school iGEM Jamboree at MIT.
  • Students can form a team to study the structure and function of a protein that has had its 3D structure determined. The students will use computer software to model the protein, print it using our 3D printer, and if they want to produce a poster relating the story of their protein of interest. Students can chose to participate in presenting their poster at the annual meeting of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This year’s meeting is in early April in San Diego.
  • Students can form an EcoMeet (fall) or Envirothon (spring) team and compete at regional, state, and potentially national competitions. These are environmental based competitions that require knowledge of wildlife, habitats, soils, etc… The BioClub will meet on a regular basis to prepare for the events. Exiting high school teams are welcome to participate with us as in the past.
  • Students can participate in the annual fall and spring herpetological field trips sponsored by the Kansas Herpetological Society. There are already facilitators for this event at BVN, BVW, and BVSW.
  • Students can participate in the annual KC Brain Bee early second semester, and potentially the national brain bee in MD.
  • The BioClub will be tailgating science lectures in the greater KC area related to biology. There are already a few lectures this fall that are going to be great to participate in.
  • Otherwise, students will bring ideas to the group of other events and the BioClub hopes to develop an annual community service projects as well.

If you have any questions about the BioClub, feel free to email Mr. Eric Kessler.

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