AP Labs

Lab Handouts & Pre-Lab Activities

In order to participate in any laboratory activity, students must first sign and return the AP Biology Safety Contract.

Students are expected to read and understand all laboratory materials and procedures before performing the AP Labs. Success in the laboratory will be dependent on being fully prepared. To ensure that this occurs, students are required to complete a Pre-Lab Activity prior to performing each of the AP Labs. Answers to the questions in the Pre-Lab Activity must be submitted prior to the beginning of school on the day of the lab.

Click on the appropriate icons below to access the Pre-Lab Activities, Lab Handouts, and Excel Data Tables for each lab. The Lab Handouts are password protected. Enter the username & password when prompted.

Lab Date Lab Materials Due Date
09/11/19 Enzyme Activity Pre-Lab Activity Lab Handout Class Data 09/18/19
10/02/19 Diffusion and Osmosis  Pre-Lab Activity Lab Handout Class Data 10/09/19
10/23/19 Cellular Respiration Pre-Lab Activity Lab Handout 10/30/19
11/05/19 Photosynthesis Pre-Lab Activity Lab Handout Class Data 11/08/19
12/04/19 Mitosis Pre-Lab Activity Lab Handout Class Data 12/09/19
01/15/20 Genetics of Organisms Pre-Lab Activity Lab Handout Class Data 02/07/20
02/12/20 Biotechnology | Part A: Lab Handout Part A Pre-Lab Activity  Part B: Lab Handout Part B Pre-Lab Activity  03/04/20
03/11/20 Population Genetics and Evolution Pre-Lab Activity Lab Handout
Results: Hour 1  | Hour 3  | Hour 7 
03/31/20 Phylogenetic Analysis Pre-Lab Activity Lab Handout
Sample Articles: Instructor | Student | “Professional”