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Mammal Monday – A Marsupial in Wolf’s Clothing

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“Much like the ultimate demise of the dodo, the extinction of the thylacine is a frustrating mystery. Our species witnessed the predator’s disappearance – there is even video footage of some of the last thylacines – yet these animals slipped into oblivion before we realized what we were losing. As we learn more about them, they become stranger still, and their loss feels all the more tragic.”

-Brian Switek, Not a Wolf, But a Tiger on Laelaps

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Cannibalistic tadpoles are a big part of the ecosystem although you may have never heard of them. Research has proven that cannibalistic tadpoles and matricidal worms assist with evolution. These tadpoles normally ate algae and crustaceans, but they were observed spawning tadpoles that were not the same as these normal ones. The features were different from these tadpoles. They had bulging jaw muscles and serrated mouthparts. They were very aggressive and ate much bigger food than normal. It was noticed that the two very different tadpoles had the same parents, and the same genetic makeup. How could it be possible that they were so different in physical features and behavior? Continue reading

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Worms Can Get PTSD… Enough Said.

Humans and worms have very little in common; ranging from differing complexity in our genome sequences to the physiology of the two animals, there seems to be nothing of note that we share. Even from a behavioral standpoint, we are nowhere near similar; humans have developed an interpersonal societal web of interaction of unprecedented magnitude in comparison to other animal species across the entirety of recorded life on earth. However, these two drastically different animals share one similarity that is nothing short of shocking: conscious, associative memories.

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Three Terms Essential to Biology

Now at the conclusion of my biology career at Northwest, I can finally attest to the “three terms” that have been especially significant throughout this course. I am choosing words that are important to understanding certain biological concepts, but also selecting words that sparked my interest and intrigued me the most to continue learning biology. The three terms or phrases I will be focusing on in this blog are genetics, natural selection, and DNA.

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How Can Parasitic Worms Enhance the Ecosystem?

Nematodes which live inside horned passalus beetles which can benefits both of them. Although Nematodes are parasitic and they feed of on the beetles’ hemolymph, which is basically the insects’ blood, and will eventually suck up all of the beetles available energy and kill them. Whether this relationship is harmful or mutualistic is still a question?

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