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The Dangers of Dehydration

Image from Wikimedia Commons Water is essential to all life on earth. The human body is composed of up to 70 percent water, and it is necessary for many bodily functions to occur. Water helps to maintain cellular architecture, regulates … Keep Reading

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The True Adaptive Powers of Our Brain

Everyone knows how important the brain is and we have all been taught about keeping it healthy and how to look out for it but we often miss looking the other way around and seeing just how much our brain … Keep Reading

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Unit 3 Review Videos

Here’s a set of videos that will help you learn about cell energy, cellular respiration, and photosynthesis, the major topics of Unit 3. We watched the first video in class. Here’s one other video, just for fun. They Might Be … Keep Reading

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Three Important Terms From Chapter 7

Three terms that were very important in chapter seven were selective permeability, lipid bilayer, and types of transport. These all show how the cell membrane works to protect the inner part of the cell.

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Viruses Are … Helpful?

When we think of viruses, most people are reminded of deadly pathological diseases from Law and Order or Grey’s Anatomy. Proven by a recent study from the Collaborative Research Center, however, is quite the opposite. The animals researched, different species … Keep Reading

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The Wheel Bug – An Ally of Plants

Insects are one of the most extraordinary creatures to exist on this plant. With over 900,000 species, this world hosts insects that are both beneficial or harmful to human productivity. For instance, bees benefit humans by plant pollination for crops … Keep Reading

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Unit 2 Exam – Tuesday, October 8th

Our second unit exam will take place in class and online starting Tuesday, October 8th. The Unit 2 Guided Reading Questions and Class Notes are recommended study materials, along with the other materials available on the Campbell Biology textbook website. … Keep Reading

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Our Current Plastic Crisis

Plastic-eating bugs at a Japanese dump, could help solve the global plastic pollution crisis The mass production of plastic first emerged in the 1950s and has continued to expand exponentially ever since, and almost all of the plastic that has … Keep Reading

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A Look at Life from a 16-Year-Old AP Bio Student

Image from Wikimedia Commons Lab Review: The bubble lab that we did in class on Tuesday may be my favorite lab I’ve ever done in a science class ever. Period. It was so fun, and it actually really helped me … Keep Reading

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Pondering Porifera

Image from Wikimedia Commons Sponges (Phylum Porifera) may not seem to be an interesting topic of study at first glance. True, they are colorful and come in a plethora of shapes, but the sea is full of fascinating creatures, so … Keep Reading

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Everyday Biology – Different Properties of Water

I remember when I was a little girl I had these tiny doll bottles and one day I decided to put water in them for my doll (dolls need to hydrate too right?) and later when I tried to dump … Keep Reading

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