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Can You Beleaf It’s Fall?

As the autumn season carries on and we approach winter many of the trees and other types of foliage have had their leaves depart from them creating quite a mess in your yards , and for the unlucky souls who … Keep Reading

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Polar Bears May Not Be Ice-olated Anymore

Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) Image from Wikimedia Commons Climate change, particularly global warming, is one of the leading factors of severe damage to our green planet and its ecosystems. Global warming has a proceeding rate due to an increase in … Keep Reading

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The Grass Is Greener… Or Is It?

How come grass does not change colors like leaves on a tree in the fall? Well, although it does not undergo color changes like the leaves, it does indeed change colors! Plants make their own food through photosynthesis which is … Keep Reading

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The New PREYing Mantis Diet

New studies on the diet of praying mantises are suggesting that certain species have added guppies to their assorted menu. According to research published in the Journal of Orthoptera Research a species of mantid known as Hierodula tenuidentata has been … Keep Reading

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Neanderthals or Neander-smalls?

Neanderthals: you’ve probably seen them portrayed in movies and commercials as our slightly slow, early human relatives, but what else is there to know about them? As it turns out, a lot! This now-extinct species of hominids is actually pretty … Keep Reading

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GENES Never Looked This Good

Researchers have discovered a mutation slows the metabolism of sugar in one’s body, lowering the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other disease. Even if you are not “blessed” with this certain mutation, it still can benefit those with … Keep Reading

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