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Mom, My STUMMY Hurts!

Digestive problems and disorders have been common problems all over the world affecting people of various age groups, ranging from newborn to adulthood.  For example, if you eat food that is not fresh and has been old for a short … Keep Reading

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It’s Just an Extra Chrom, Yo

Down Syndrome is a chromosomal condition that is associated with intellectual disabilities. In recent years, Down Syndrome has become more common. According to the CDC, about 1 in every 700 babies in the United States are born with Down Syndrome, … Keep Reading

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A Little Pet Will Do You Good

For all of you pet lovers out there, now there are even more reasons to love your pets!! If you have a dog at home, pet them lots tonight, because not only do they love the love your giving them, … Keep Reading

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The Brain Eating Amoeba

Visiting a remote bridge jumping spot may seem quite appealing to a group of teenagers, but can merely having fun cost someone their life? While some friends and I were visiting a popular bridge jumping spot located near La Cygne, … Keep Reading

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The House Plant: A Millennial Movement

Image from Wikimedia Commons It seems every room I walk into in my house, I find a plant. Whether it be the tiny aloe that sits on the kitchen window or the dancing cactus that is propped onto my mothers … Keep Reading

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Pigs Can Swim Better Than You?

The Bahamas are notoriously known for their beautiful islands, beaches, and resorts that accommodate millions of tourists each year. From honeymoons, to quick getaways, to family vacations, the Bahamas have something for everyone, including animal lovers who can enjoy the … Keep Reading

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Cell-e-brate this Vaccination

Influenza was truly off to a “killer” start last flu season. According to the CDC, approximately 80,000 people in the U.S. died from influenza last year. Influenza is an extremely contagious viral infection that attacks the respiratory passageways and causes … Keep Reading

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The Elderly Mice Won?!

Image from Wikimedia Commons Researchers have found that older generation of mice tend to heal better when it comes to skin wounds. Organisms repair wounds using two different mechanisms: Scarring or Tissue Regeneration. Wound healing is the result of the … Keep Reading

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Eye Can’t See

Image from Wikimedia Commons There are forty-five million people including me that rely on contact lenses for a better vision. Regrettably there is news of a new outbreak of eye infection found predominantly in contact users. It is a rare … Keep Reading

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