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Leigh Syndrome

Children born with Leigh Syndrome face early challenges in their life. The mitochondrial disease can affect their nervous system, muscles, brain, hear liver, kidneys, and their respiratory system, and in the first few years of life it often leads to … Keep Reading

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Save the Bees

Image from Wikimedia Commons Are you ever outside, enjoying a beautiful spring day and all of sudden hear something buzz right past your ear? Your first instinct is probably to get away from that bug or maybe even kill it! … Keep Reading

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Mitochondrial Disease

Image from Wikimedia Commons As we all know, the most fascinating aspect of biology, ever, is the mitochondrion and it being the ‘powerhouse of the cell’. However, many do not understand nor appreciate just how important mitochondria is towards our … Keep Reading

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Worms Can Take the Heat

Science has been able to advance vastly in the last few decades and it is evident today’s current events. In July of 1969 Apollo 11 landed on the moon and in less than fifty years a new planet also been … Keep Reading

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Do Snakes Have X-ray Vision?

Recent studies have helped researchers gather new information about the seeing abilities of snakes. It is well-known that the scaly reptiles have sets of rods and cones- specialized cells in the retina that detect light. In the past, the majority … Keep Reading

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